Extra Add ons

Balloon Modelling


Balloon modelling can add colour and fun to any party and all Silly Gilly staff are trained in the art of balloon modelling. From simple animals to more complicated items requiring more than one balloon, we aim to add that bit extra to your party or event with something a little bit different.




Why not add that extra special memory and provide a souvenir for your guests by adding one of our simply priced packages below:


• Up to 30 Kids - This package provides balloon modeling and models


• Over 30 Kids - This package provides as above


We also offer balloon modelers for fetes, gala days and other events where an unlimited amount of balloon models can be made. For further details on any of these packages please contact one of our sales team for more information and pricing.




Get you nails painted in one colour or get some sparkle added with gems, glitter, or funky nails stickers. Or design your own nail art you can also get your very own stick on false nails which are pre decorated

Hair Braiding


Hair wraps are popular with girls and women alike. The party goer chooses from a wide selection of pre-made hair wraps which are then safely held in place with the attached hair clip.


Using colourful and vibrant patterns, the threads are woven into an intricate decoration which are beautifully finished off with a small gem. Each braid is carefully hand made with the upmost care and attention and as it is clipped into the hair it can be removed at any time, but more importantly can be re-applied with the greatest of ease.


Hair wraps are adored at birthday parties and festivals alike. They are also appropriate for all ages and due to the re-usability the hair wraps provides excellent value and a long-lasting memory of the event. Your childs friends will be talking about their birthday party for weeks to come - much to their delight!




you can get your choice of water transferable tattoos, including pirates, fairies, football and butterflies


Glitter Tattoos


You get that extra special tattoo done with stencils and glitter

all tattoos can be removed using baby oil

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