Face Painting

With face painting any party can be made to last that little bit longer with a lasting reminder!


Face painting and body art are aimed at all ages and can bring something a little bit special to any party. The smile on a childs face when painted is enough to know you made the right choice! All our trained face painters will provide a book of possibilities but of course are not limited to these and will attempt most requests.


Don't Disappoint


When considering the addition of face painting to your party or event please take into account the number of attendees and although we pride ourselves at being efficient we do like to take care on each work of art we do! We like to allocate 5-6 mins on each face painting or 3-4 mins on body art so if you do not feel that we will be able to get round everybody in the time allowed then additional face painters can be provided.




We can also keep the face painting or body art inline with a themed party so for instance, we can paint eye patches and beards for a pirate theme or butterflies and flowers for a fairy theme. Just ask and we will always do our best to meet your needs.

Paint Choice


All our face paints are manufactured to be as kind and gentle to your guests and childs skin and are dermatologically tested. Snazaroo face paints not only allow you to look great, but are safe and easy to use. All of Snazaroo face paints are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and come off easily, which is why Snazaroo face paint is renowned as, The world's favourite face and body paint. This ensures that everyone is not only happy but comfortable.


A Few Samples...


Please find above a few samples of the type of painting we provide.

Although all our face painting staff are good and can transform any face with the application of some paint, we can NOT turn your husband into George Clooney!

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