Each party comes with a range of prizes for you guests and can be tailored to your needs.


We have 3 simple pricing options:


The Bronze Package is the standard package included in all parties if not upgraded. This includes, bookmarks, stickers and glowbands for 30 and under as prizes for all games.


The Silver Package is the first upgrade package. This includes Glow Sticks, banks, arts crafts and other small toys for up to 30 kids and under as prizes for all small games but includes larger prizes for the major games played. The prize cost will vary on amount of kids.


The Silver Package + ensures every child gets a silver prize, And the price will vary on amount of kids. This package is for over 30 kids.


The Gold Package is the second upgrade package.

This includes all prizes for all larger games as branded prizes for up to 30 kids.


The Gold Package + ensures every child gets a gold prize. This package is for over 30 kids.


Please note for a small fee all invited guests will recieve a prize so no-one is left out!



All of our parties and events are never the same twice and this is simply down to the customizable way we organize them. With a wide variety of games in our repertoire we can play games that suit the age, the theme and/or your own prefference.


From traditional games that everybody knows to more unusual ones that can inspire even the most shy child into playing, we never let any guest feel left out or excluded. All of our staff are trained in various games and can cover any age range, including adults.


A small selection of the games available are:


• Pass the Magic Silly Gilly stick

• Musical Top Hats

• Sleeping Silly Gilly's (our own variation on the children's classic)

• Topsy Turvey

• Themed Corners


We will always try and accommodate your requests and if there are any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more details.

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